Shoeing the eventer hind.

Shoeing eventer hind traction package
Using Kerckhaert sx8 hinds, this horse is all set up to work on the roads with those drive in studs or on the grass using the drilled and tapped holes to place screw in caulks. I know it seems that I have trailers on all my hinds if you look around at this site, but I swear it is not true. This one has them because he is very narrow behind and this set up has balanced and supported him to allow more ease of collection. They have not seemed to be a hindrance on the cross country course either as we (the trainer and I) considered they might be.

You may notice the balance of this shoe is shifted slightly to the outside. This is because this horse has a minor deviation of the pastern (particularly on the right hind) and needs some lateral support for the bony structure and for the hoof itself.

Left hind with lateral trailer.
Left hind with lateral trailer.

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