A win!

Possibly the best recovery I have seen.

This horse had a case of moderate laminitis. That is always a scary problem with an unknown outcome, but this one is a winner!

I’m just giddy about his recovery. I’m not sure I have ever seen such a great turn around. Congratulations to his owner for doing a great job with him.

Here he is with regular shoes on and he is back to living a nice leisurely life of light work and turnout. He did have quite a bit of stretching of the lamina, indicative of coffin bone movement, but now it is almost back to normal. When he was diagnosed laminetic, we put him in Natural Balance shoes to position breakover properly and used Equithane Hoof Pack to protect his loss of sole depth. I have to look at my records to see how many times we did that, but his hoof conformation and integrity was pretty bad for a while.

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