Easy breezy shoeing week turns epic.

I was sitting around Sunday evening relaxing; thinking about what to get done around the farm with a bit of extra time this week. Then a text came in with the question. “Can you shoe an extra 15-20 horses this week?”

Sometimes things just work out. I admit, I was ready for some standing upright, but otherwise timing was just right. By Saturday, I got all but a couple of them caught up and kept the majority my regular schedule. Those remainders will all be done by Tuesday. I’m feeling kind of froggy about that.

Keeping my Monday free of shoeing, as usual, I went out and bought some much needed new tires for the rig. I have been running all-terrains since the factory tires wore out (bought it the night before 9/11). I’m pretty sure it has been 10 sets. The only real complaint I have had about my 2002 F-350 is that it doesn’t handle very well. This time I decided I am all in on better road handling. I got out the Googles and found what I thought I needed. It turns out these new Michelin Defenders are tremendous. After this week’s heavy driving, I’m really loving these things. They run completely silent, super smooth and track far better than I expected. Everything I hear is that I can expect 60-70k miles out of these. The all-terrains I have been running have only ever gone about 30-40k miles. I feel I have been making a really big mistake. I guess we will see.

Searching for a picture from this week to put with this post comes up pretty empty. I did get some video of drilling and tapping an event horse, and a just couple of pics of the shoes punched for drilling, but that is it. I didn’t even realize I wasn’t doing any media as I pressed on; diligently making new shoe after new shoe. It could have been neat to do some time lapse showing the whole week, and/ or a couple of the individual projects. Oh well.

I have, however, been on a roll in video production lately. I feel I am really starting to get my skills and the process working. I have also been developing what I think are some good outlines for future work. Even with all the work that is out there about farriery, a whole lot more can be done. It can also be done much differently. It really does get me energized because there is so much to learn about this craft. The videos I have put up on YouTube are just some random clips and stuff from way back before summer, and I have been filming and sorting and editing all summer. At this point, there is about 520 gigabytes of media I’m trying to work trough during my morning coffee. I’m looking forward to the downtime this winter so I can spend some time on this.

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