I began working as an apprentice farrier with Gary Stern in the fall of 1990 while still in high school. I did what I could anytime school was out (and even when it wasn’t). Over lunch one afternoon, we counted around 500 horses on the books. I do a lot with about 200 horses on my books. I have never known anyone who could work that hard. Ever.

Then I found myself trying to make a go of it in the northern Adirondacks in Northern New York, where I grew up, for a couple of years. I quickly found quite a bit of work, including working draft breeds and Standardbred racing horses. Both of those were real eye-openers. I came away with several great stories and some more skills. I think I did fairly well, but I did learn that I needed more help.

I moved back to Cincinnati and called Dave Farley in 1995. You should look him up if you don’t already know him. We immediately struck up a working relationship and I had the great fortune to find myself working with one of the most active and passionate farriers on the planet. The types of horses were mostly English performance disciplines including FEI dressage, eventers, jumpers, and reiners which were often in Lexington, KY, and Florida. Mr. Farley is well known for being involved a huge array of farrier disciplines. This allowed me access to work with him on therapeutic work with veterinarians practicing a variety of protocols. I had the opportunity to work with one of the most renown blacksmiths in the art, Roy Bloom, in Wisconsin. I attended and participated in the various aspects of producing educational events and media with them. I was also guided to be able to place well in several national farrier competitions and therefore travel all over the place. I have studied with some of the top horsemen, farriers and blacksmiths in the country. For this, I am eternally grateful to Mr. Farley and his welcoming family!

I then found myself adding clients with top shelf driving and breeds of special gaited horses in the Midwest and the eastern seaboard.

Starting in around 2004, I was the Paxton Farm show farrier. This allowed me to have served as an official farrier at numerous dressage (FEI), hunter/jumper and eventing competitions as well as the last four of the 100-day stallion tests (a very rare and formative privilege) at Paxton Farm and other breeding events like inspections and now several clients in the young horse programs.

You can see what I’m up to these days on my blog and facebook.

I am dedicated to helping horse owners achieve success through the soundness of their horses.