The Shoeing Body Is Switched Over To The New Truck

I realize a bunch of truck and rig stuff is likely not that interesting to many, but it is certainly a big part of the life and job of a farrier. In this case, I have been running my old rig for 16 years. If this new one is half the truck of that one, I will be thrilled.

It sure has been a longer story than I expected. The truck has had a long run of repairs and modifications to get ready for work besides also waiting to get the body switched.

I brought the trailer to haul the bed of the new truck home, but decided to put it on the old beast instead. The bed from the old beast is really rotten, but the new one had a nice bed with Retrax cover and a gooseneck hitch, so this will make it much more useful to keep or to sell.

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