I’m all jazzed about video editing like a proper noob.

It does take a lot more effort than I originally expected, but I see a lot of opportunity to share things, like this nice job I put on this amazing animal.

Let me explain…

I’m waiting for another render to complete. It should be posted tomorrow, in the meantime, I wanted to go on about some geekery. There, you have been warned.

This video was quite the project for me. I think it will still end up looking kind of rough and even quite basic, but there is actually some fairly advanced editing here. Ok, maybe not advanced editing, but advanced techniques, just not very well refined yet. I am certainly still a noob, and I do see a lot of ways to improve.

One of the things that I am most giddy about is the Speed Control used in this video. You might be as surprised as I was to find that even the market leading professional editing software doesn’t do this seemingly simple task of allowing animation and curves to control speeding up and slowing down video and sound in a nice synchronized way. Well, I figured it out. It is a very cool, albeit simple appearing effect.

Horse shoeing videos seem like a great fit for this effect. There are all sorts of time consuming things that I may not want to cut and speed control can be a really nice tool to make it better. Conversely, there are things like foot landing I would like to slow down. However, abrupt cuts of speed changes are ugly.

Another feature in this video I really like is the sound when I am nailing on the shoes. I have a really nice sound recorder that I used for that part which I synchronized and used in place of the GoPro Session’s sound. I’m anxious to hear and see how that renders out. It is only used in that clip because I haven’t found a way to integrate it smoothly into my work flow yet. In this case, you can see the recorder in the shot. It is just sitting on the shoeing box. That works fine, and may be how I continue to use it. More messing with that will need to happen.

Blender is my tool

I am all in on using Blender. I suspect Blender may be the most powerful storytelling/ graphics platform available. Here is the kicker: all it costs is the effort to learn how to use it. Unfortunately, that is no small cost. It has been a steep learning curve, but is worth the investment if you are into this sort of thing.

Ideas have been rolling around in my head for ever. Now is the time. For so many reasons. I have all the tools and the experience to get out and play. I just have to do it.

It is amazing we have such powerful and portable cameras and even more powerful software available to use them. Of course, lets not forget about how impressive the computers we use have become. I look forward to talking a lot about the technology and how we can use it to tell our stories. These are good times.

I have at least a dozen more to cut, so I’m off to another computer while this one pounds away on the render. I think they will start looking and feeling a lot better.

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