Harder than I thought, with no clear answers.

I have had plans to do a variety of farrier related media series for a long, long time. Over the last year or so, I have been slowly but steadily putting things together. You can see some of those parts and pieces if you scroll through the blog here. I think I have some good to offer, maybe even a lot of good, but there are some complications I had not completely anticipated, or that I may have just underestimated.

Working on collecting bits and pieces of content and the outlines have come together very well. That is not the problem. Actually, ideas and content keeps growing pretty much daily in size and quality to a point I had not expected either. The tools and processes I have in place to capture are just awesome, if I do say so myself. There is so much that could be done and I really enjoy working on it.

There are two main hurdles:

  • Video editing: Trying to figure out how to do video editing and learning computer graphics (CG) in an effort to put it all together is something I really enjoy doing, but it has taken a very long time. Early on, I decided I wanted to take on learning Blender so that I can do the whole range of cool stuff. Learning Blender to do video editing is like learning how to shoe horses by building all of the shoes from bar stock (which I also did).

    I do finally see some light at the end of the tunnel as far as usable CG. It is good for me to remember that the pros claim it takes several years of solid effort to actually learn this stuff (also sounds like learning to build shoes).

  • Privacy: It is very difficult to put together material when I have to be careful not to use stuff that could violate someone’s privacy. This is something I’m not completely sure how to get around while working in my current environment. I have some really great content, but I am not going to share a lot of it because I am concerned about privacy. It still has value to me and my clients, but I don’t know how I will ever get the right material to publish to a general audience (unless I change some things).

So, I just wanted to say that even though I haven’t been posting here lately, I have in no way stopped working. Quite the contrary. I have buckled down to push through some challenges and practice some techniques to further my goals.

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