Snow pads

Ready for more snow! Maybe, if I keep buying more, it will keep winter at bay?

The last two years, I have been using quite a few of this style of snow pads. In the past, I didn’t feel that they were doing a very nice job keeping the snow ball at bay. I think the reason is that I used to use a flat profile shoe instead of the half round profile Classic Rollers I use now.

I’ll put up some pics shortly.


  1. Hey Scott awesome shoeing rig. Makes life easier especially the swing out anvil. Congratulations on it. Looking to create a Web site. If u have any input or could help create let me know. Thx. Cell # 859 250 1040

  2. Thanks Brian. I’m loving it! I’ll be in touch to see if I can help point you in the right direction on your web site. It’s sort of a hobby for me.

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