Todays old shoes. A hot and heavy August day.

It’s more than usual, that’s for sure. The heat and humidity has been intense and I’ve been adding a lot of forge and grinder to sweeten up the farrier stank. This is nothing new, of course. August is always this way.

This has no bearing on anything, but I like to watch the weather in Orlando as well as Keene, New Hampshire (both are places I have other vested interests in) to compare to our weather here in Cincinnasti. In August, we compete head to head with Orlando. Actually, in the heat of the day, it’s often worse here. The thing is that they have what amounts to an extra two or our Augusts.

People have been asking me how I take the heat: As slow and easy as possible, with fans. Lots of fans. You probably know the rule already – No fan, no farrier.

Either way, I have horses to shoes. No matter how tough it can be, success is when the last horse of the week was even better than the first.
Nailing on a shoe.
Kerckhaert #5 DF with side clips

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