I would say, “Bitcoin accepted here”, but I accept a variety of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is just one.

Why Bitcoin or cryptocurrency?

In my experience, what I am outlining below is by far the most reliable payment method I have found, although getting started can sometimes present frustrations as this is a slightly different way of doing things.

Beyond the reliability of crypto as a payment system, it has a lot of other features I find attractive. These reasons are why I offer a 10% discount.

Getting set up.

If you don’t already have any bitcoin or other currency, the easiest way to get set up is through Coinbase. You will have to go through verifying your ID and connecting your bank account, much like setting up any other bank account. It may be somewhat of a hassle, but once that is done, you will be able to buy, sell and trade in cryptocurrency.


Buying bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is like buying gold. When you buy it for a certain price, it can and will go up or down from there. You can take that gamble if you like, or you can avoid the gamble by simply depositing the amount you expect to spend into Coinbase’s USD wallet. *Not the USC wallet.

No matter which way you decide to do it, you will have to do it ahead of time – each time you expect to make payment, as it takes time (often a few days) for bank transfers to clear. Holding funds is also part of the mechanism that allows Coinbase to provide instant transfers.

When you deposit money into the UDS wallet, Coinbase holds it for a certain amount of time and then you can send bitcoin or other cryptocurrency for the value of the USD at the time of the transaction. This keeps you from the having to deal with the fluctuations of markets. Once everything is set up, this is a really easy and reliable way to transfer payments.

Just to reiterate: you will have to allow Coinbase to hold the amount you expect to pay in the wallet well in advance of when your horse is shod. The amount should be enough to cover the maximum expected bill, such as all new shoes and such.

If you do have Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency…

I can text you an address to send it me directly – outside of Coinbase.

Thank you for considering this option.

I really hope you consider using bitcoin for payment of your horse shoeing bill. I have been using it for considerably longer than PayPal and any other payment option, and it has been much more reliable and simple to deal with – once set up and familiar.