Success Through Soundness

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This is an ongoing project focused on exploring equine movement, the effects of farriery and pathology on movement and hoof related care.

Success Through Soundness is more of the “why” and The Silver Bullet Project is more of the “how”.

This is only the beginning… a place holder, really.

We are currently working on the content by filming and editing replacement videos and organizing for future videos and articles.

What kind of content can you expect from Success Through Soundness?

We are working on laying out a series that will go into topics below and more:

  • When and why do horses need shoes?
  • What kind of shoes does my horse need?
  • Maintaining shoes and removing them if necessary.
  • A complete explanation of all shoe modifications and how they are used.
  • A complete explanation of all the shoes and how they effect the horse.
  • A full explanation of balance.
  • An in depth explanation of pathologies and modern protocols used to treat them.
  • Much more…