Introduction to Farrier Forging

This Farrier Forging Series is only in the first part of the beginning phase of production. Please stay tuned and I think you will enjoy what we are creating.

Advanced skills are nothing more than combining basic skills.

Mastering basics is never a waste of time or effort.

Outline all of the basic tools:

  • Anvil
  • Forge
  • Hammer
  • Tongs
  • Top tools
  • Vice/ grinder.

Forging Basics

Drawing, bumping, bending, straightening, splitting, welding and twisting…

  • Welcome to the anvil, hammer and tongs: Straightening a shoe. * In production *
  • The anvil face: Drawing steel.
  • Getting familiar with the horn: Bending steel.
  • Hammer control: Clips. Lots of clips.
  • Punching and drifting:
  • Farrier / horseshoe art

Check out the other parts of the Farrier Forging Series.

Intermediate II Farrier Forging

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