June 2022: Boo

Boo has a chronic lameness. It appears to be navicular syndrome of some fashion.

We have been working as a typical farrier, trainer and veterinarian team with this horse, experimenting on what we can do to make her feel better. The above shoe is what we were using. I have had a lot of success with it, but it wasn’t really working for this mare.

The owner/ trainer took her down to Rood & Riddle for a deeper diagnosis than we are able to do “in the field”. They recommended removing the wedge and continuing with mild frog pressure.

New top shelf low pressure regulators work much better than my old standard oxy/acetylene regulators.
I forged this frog support out of 3/8″x7/8″ bar stock and welded it in the old shoe.

The dimensions and shape came out great.

The frog support bar I chose to use is a little heaver (bigger bar than needed) than optimum. I will use a thinner piece of stoke next time. The width is ok. It could also be a bit thinner, but the depth really doesn’t need to be that much.

I think the horse walked back to the stall much brighter (more sound) than she came out.

That can often be misleading as horses like this seem to like any change at first and then given a little time, they can often change their minds. We will have to wait and see on this one.

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