• Payment is due at time of service.
  • Any fees charged to me by using these options below will be charged back to you. I hate to have to enforce this, but these fees (PayPal is the culprit currently) are really adding up.

Options below, listed in order of preference.

* Cryptocurrency 10% Discount

This is actually the most reliable and long standing method I have used as far as “e-payments”. Crytpo is so useful to me that I offer 10% off if you pay this way. Check the link in the title above for more information.


Everyone loves cash. Cash is always great for in person exchange, but it obviously isn’t very safe if we are not able to meet in person when your horse(s) are being cared for.



* PayPal – please use with caution. Fees will be charged back.

It is very important that you remember to send payment as “friends and family” or “not for business”. Please check this when you send money as it appears that things have changed recently and suddenly clients are sending money so that it is charging me fees. This is happening even to clients that have never had a problem before.

I have to insist on charging you the fees if you don’t send it “friends and family” or “not for business”. I sincerely apologies and if it keeps happening, I will completely stop using PayPal.


You are welcome to pay with a check at time of service, but I hope to eventually phase them out in favor of the above, especially when we can’t meet in person when your horse(s) are shod.

I guess I’m starting to get spoiled, but paying with a check by mail is terribly slow and requires another level of accounting to be sure I get paid. I makes it hard to keep up with supplies and other expenses when I’m waiting on money.