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I haven’t been working on this site the whole summer.

It’s time to change that.

Farriery is my passion and profession and I feel like I have a lot to offer. I feel like I have a unique perspective. I also really love to create content. Unfortunately, I’ve been lazy lately. It would be nice if I could offer excuses, but there are none. I just simply need to get busy and do what I already love to do.

Slight change in tactics – but several challenges.

Blogging/ vlogging about horseshoeing stuff is a little bit challenging because I need to be careful of people’s privacy.

Clearly, not everyone wants their horse’s farrier business or their property and private lives out there for others to see. This makes talking about what I do all day a special challenge. Its the day to day stuff (what I call The Daily Grind) that tends to be interesting to see as I try to problem solve issues for the horses.

Ok, so I can do a little bit of The Daily Grind here and there as appropriate, but the rest will have to be more project style stuff for The Silver Bullet and Success Through Soundness content and that brings an entirely different set of challenges in the form of much more production effort and exposure to the elements since I don’t currently have a shop to work in.

I might try to support the purchase of a completely mobile setup for the garage by creating content for Hive, LBRY and others as well as making farrier art at the truck so that I can save up and buy what I need, which is a forge, anvil and stand, torch and grinders.

If we had that setup, @William-Gregory could go out in the garage and make stuff through the day and I would also have a place to create content.

So, that is the plan.

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