07-22-22: Sandi’s

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This is one of my oldest clients (as in I’ve been working for her for the longest) and the only one I still go to Kentucky for. I still go there because I can make the trip, work on as many I my body can stand and go home. I don’t have to bounce around from stop to stop.

They also don’t call to ask me to come down if they have a shoe off (which almost never happens here anyway) which is really nice of them. It wouldn’t really work any other way as its a good hour away from my house.

Richwood, Kentucky exit.

Oh, the nostalgia. I used to shoe so many horses in this area back from the ’90s through maybe about 2015 or so when I really cut out most stops down here.

Pegasus Farm

There is just something about this place that I really love.

Gotta clean this mess up before I can work.

I really wish I didn’t have to clean up my work area before I can get started on shoeing and trimming. Its a waste of my time and not really my job. I find it interesting how much more common it is that I have to do this these days compared to the past.

Horse people have a much different attitude these days and just are not as thoughtful and concerned as they used to be.

My spot for the day.
Finally getting started.
The shoeing rig in action.
Sandi had a lot going on this morning.
No fan, no farrier.

I had a fairly long list to work on, as usual. Besides the general chaos and filth that they seemed bent on causing, it was a pretty nice day.

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