08-03-22: Bugs in the heat of the day caused me to pack it up.

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It was obvious right away that this was going to be another hot and humid summer day. I had no idea how much work I had to do at my second stop, which is a rough one on a good day.

Hot and humid before I even left the driveway.

First stop.

The first stop was a nice and easy full reset, meaning I pulled the shoes, trimmed the hooves and reset the shoes that were on the horse. This is opposed to putting new shoes on.

The shoeing box is ready for action.

This is a nice place to set up and work out of, especially in the morning. Once afternoon rolls around, the sun creeps in my area and its not so nice anymore.

No fan, no farrier.

My first horse of the day. She has a good outfit of fly protection on.

I like the use of the fly mask and fly “boots” on her lower legs. This offers protection where it is most needed, but is not as hot as using a full fly sheet.

As I was working on my first horse, I got a text that this guy has a loose shoe. This was not ideal as I was already behind and needed to get to the next stop. I went ahead and reset both front shoes because he really did need it.

Old guy gets his feet taken care of.

While I was trimming him, I noticed the old abscess spot that you can see in the picture below. Its the spot on the lower left part of his hoof.

Old hoof abscess discovered.

Second stop.

Now the heat was really building.

One of the nicest behaved horses there is.

This guy was missing a shoe. Looking at it from the top, I didn’t think I was going to be able to put one back on, but I did. It actually wasn’t even that hard after all. Luckily, he had plenty of growth, so by the time I got him trimmed up, there was enough hoof to nail another shoe back on.

It turns out that the shoe was the least of my problems.

As I was working on him, the horse flies and deer flies both found us and I swear I’ve never seen so many at once. It was too much to deal with, so I packed up and went home.

I’m dealing with a minor injury to my hand as well and I just wasn’t in the mood to push it.

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