08-14-21: August is Getting Ugly.

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The ground has suddenly gotten hard and the bugs have gotten heavy. Its always a tough time of year, but this looks to be a bad one. The hooves are in terrible shape.

Honestly, this post isn’t directly related to that, but the suck is still the central problem of the season.

Today was actually pretty decent. I had a nice bunch of horses in decent conditions.

This little mare was my last horse of the day.

She has to be sedated because for some reason she is a bit of a punk about nailing on shoes. She is fine for trimming, but not for driving nails. I’ve had several ponies like this this in my career and it does seem to be limited to ponies. I would love to know why this happens.

Anyway, we finally got some rain while I was here. It was a pretty heavy downfall, but apparently not a few minutes away at home. Go figure.

A Carriage Step Modification

This client is very much into horse drawn carriages and she wants an easier access to the carriage. This one is too high of a step for her, so she asked me if I could come up with something for her.

It turns out that I do in fact have an idea that I think could work well.

It might be hard to explain, but I think I can get a tube fit through that hole that can be threaded with a cap on top to hold it in place. The tube can have a foot plate on the bottom for the step.

Conceptually, this should be fairly simple. I’ll start working on it this Monday.

Stay tuned to see how things work out.

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