10/20/20: Rain.

It’s not too bad yet, mostly just a sprinkling, but it still makes my nice shiny tools very sad and frankly, me too

It was still warm this morning. Thank goodness for that but we all know what comes next in the mid west.


One of the little ponies I worked on this morning had a visible bruise on both front hooves, in the toes. Until now, it has been really hard and dry around here. This pony has not had any soundness problems so we can only assume that it was the hard ground and turnout that caused it.

These things happen.

It is interesting how some times artifacts like these cause no noticeable problems and other times the horse can be really sore with no visible signs.

Its just the way it goes sometimes. We will keep an eye on her of course, but I expect no problems.


This ol’ boy…

About a year and a half or so ago, he ended up with his rear left shoe through the coronary band and hoof and out the sole of his hoof. Its a hell of a story, but he recovered quite well, other than the damage continues to rear its ugly head.

The initial injury is on the medial (right side as we are looking at it) side. The strange thing now is that this crack is from toe quarter to toe quarter.

The first few pictures here are not showing really well. I really should have cleaned this hoof up before the pictures too, but it is what it is.

This is the pic that actually shows the crack. I’m not sure why it exists, as it starts at the place where the injury and any likely scaring ends.

This is interesting also, but there seems to be some sort of “fever” ring at the same growth point on the other hoof. Something happened, but Dallas never showed any signs of trouble.

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