11-23-21: Cold Start

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It has been cold in the mornings lately, but this morning really stepped up the suck. Its 20 degrees and that is not optimum weather to get the tools out and shoe horses today. Luckily, we live in modern times and there are lots of options to help with this kind of problem.

This year, I bought this little Mr. Heater Buddy and it is perfect for the rig. It is meant for camping and is safe for using in a tent and so its safe to use in the truck cab or tool body.

Just getting the temps up to anything above freezing in the truck while I’m working is helpful to me and all my expensive gear (and any food and drinks).

I have always figured that these small tanks could be refilled, and sure enough they can be. I don’t usually use these tanks because I don’t want to throw them away, but now I will get the parts I need. These tanks are really handy to carry around compared to a 20lb.

All you need is this little adapter.

It’s an interesting procedure to fill these little tanks and I found a few videos about it that helped. Maybe someday I’ll do my own version of at least link to something.

This heater is awesome. I just stick it in the back with the yellow fan up there pushing the heat around and in a half hour or so, things are much more friendly.

The shoeing area is a little bit of a mess, but you can see the propane and heating stuff up there on the shelf in the corner.

Future improvements?

I have been thinking a lot of how to create an even more optimum and complete system where my inverter could be paired with a propane generator set up to keep the engine block heated and an outlet run into the cab for a camping heating and cooling system.

I wonder if I used the ceramic thermal tinting with that sort of a set up if that would keep my gear safer and me more productive.

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