11-28-21: It sure felt cold.

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Temperatures are all over the place these days. It’s been a little warm the last few days and today wasn’t even all that cold – but I was.

Being around 30 deg F when I got up around 5am, I did go ahead and plug my truck in. Even at these relatively warm temperatures, the rig really does complain about starting.

I really like to have my horse shoes all as fully prepped as possible when I put them in the rig. It saves a lot of time at the horse and the tools I have in the shop are much better and more convenient than what I have in the rig.

My shoes are very nicely contoured and super smooth. Safe and functional. Looks really good, too.


My first stop this morning was Derbyshire – two horses with shoes.

The horses were rather sparky and things were kinda loose, but we lived. My shoeing box got tipped over because one of the horses spun around in the cross ties and knocked it over. That hasn’t happened in years.

I have so much history here. I spent a lot of time here in the ’90s and early ’00s with Dave Farley. It was the a really great time to be right where I was.

Things are absolutely not the same now. That is a big discussion I would love to get into some time.

Classic Cincinnasty horse life.

My second stop was to put some Sigafoos shoes in this fellow.

This is a special case. I don’t do this glue on stuff anymore. I did a lot of it “back in the day”. I don’t really know why I agreed to do this, but I don’t really like it. This is another example of a story that I would love to get into some day. This is an interesting one, in my opinion.

The last horse was out…

I texted the owner this picture and she actually showed up in a couple of minutes and got the horse out of the field.

That’s pretty much it for shoeing today. I don’t have any more until Tues morning at Chilis. We are going to mess around the farm and work on some Steelbak (@steelbak) and DiggnDeeper (@DiggnDeeper.com) stuff.

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