7-20-22: Pulled Shoes

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I hoped I would get away with a week off at my furthest and toughest stop this week, but I fully expected that something like this would happen. We tried. The barn staff is gone this week and we tried to double time last week so that I didn’t have to come this week, but it didn’t happen as we hoped.

Late evening, as I was relaxing at my editing station, I got a text…

Two shoes pulled and one of them “really needs” it put back on asap. So, as usual, I break my regular schedule with my other clients and make it work for the next morning.

Pulled shoes is one of the most annoying parts of being a farrier. To be fair, it is as annoying for the clients, but it is our pockets and time that take the hit. In this case, its over an hour away and with fuel prices the way they are today, its just not sustainable.

But, I did it anyway this time.

Culprit #1
A lot of the inside of the hoof came off with the shoe.
That inside of the hoof is exposed to the other hoof catching the shoe and also there is not much to nail to.
You can see the ground side of the hoof and the inside (right side as you look at the picture) has pretty much nothing to nail to.

The rig in its familiar spot.
It is important to undercut the Equilox like this so that as the hoof grows out, it doesn’t separate and peel off.
Ready for the trails and turnout.

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