Mud, crud & another winter as a farrier.

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My young son, Will and I started something good this fall. Once he decided that he is interested in forging and fabricating, we got right to working on the first steps of the basics. We were getting out there most evenings to do some forging and welding while the weather was so nice.

His one sentence of interest pretty much cured my burnout that I had been suffering for quite a while before this. I’m not pushing him either. He is the one leading to way out to practice. Its really cool.

I want to use this opportunity to teach him these basics as a way to learn and improve more myself – and to share all of that with anyone interested. Media production is my “other” passion. Upgrading some of our tools and documenting the process is a lot to do, and very valuable. So, that’s what we were doing.

Besides the learning and videos, I also began reworking this website and built the beginnings a little web shop. Some of you may know that I have a side-gig that does content creation and marketing.

All these pieces fit very nicely together for us. I have put a lot of time and effort in thinking about these things over the years and the timing couldn’t be better to see what we can do with it all.

And then…

The grey Cincinnasti skies suddenly brought to light the limits of our efforts without a decent shop.

Between the weather changing to the uselessness that it always does and me getting the crud a lot as usual during the winter (which totally saps my ambition), everything pretty much came to sudden halt. I haven’t even been working on this site, which is the perfect winter activity, and there is certainly a LOT I plan to do with it.

I did get to take a quick trip to Florida to shoe some horses.

It sure was a quick run. I drove down on a Sunday, shod the horses on Monday and returned to Cincinnasti on Tuesday in time to be in Oxford to shoe on Wednessday.

Speaking of the “crud” I mentioned earlier; I was already knocked down a bit with something before I left, so I had to push through some “lack-a-wanna” to get it all accomplished.

That Monday of shoeing down there was a real nice pick-me-up, though.

So… Now I hope to get back to the program a little better. It has a lot to do with being able to stay healthy, which historically is a challenge for me in the winter.

I wonder if I belong in Florida rather than here. Any of my Cincinnati clients would know that I have been wondering that for a long time.

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